the exclusive services of suites
for an true escape from it all

Have you opted for our wellness suites? Note that it is also possible to select an exclusive formula with a few extras for a hassle-free stay.

Tailor-made duo formulas

Power Back Energetic Massage

It is a relaxing back massage based on smoothing, pressures, stretching, crushing on several areas that allows relaxation of the back as a whole.
The massage makes it possible to untie all the tensions in the back.

60€ for 45 minutes
75€ for 60 minutes


Reiki is a transmission of energy by the imposition of hands.
It allows deep relaxation, promotes well-being, accelerates the healing process, reduces stress, anxiety, improves sleep, promotes well-being.

75€ for 60 minutes


The "Access Bars" treatment is a gentle and relaxing energy process.
It provides a feeling of general well-being and a calming of thoughts and a boost of energy. It is to activate with a soft touch, 32 points located on the skull.
These points activate connections called Bar that frees our vision of reality.
This care gives access to more awareness, more possibilities, more choices in life and therefore more opportunities for evolution and realization.
The benefits of this method are measured in the short and medium or long term.

75€ for 60 minutes


The Paddock Lodge welcomes you !
Enjoy a night for two in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes with special attention to detail just for you.
During your stay, you will have the privilege of discovering the marvels of the region and recharging your batteries together.

Included in the offer :
  • Aperitif board and a bottle of wine

60€ for 2 people


Want an unusual getaway to stop time like that?
The wellness suites of the Paddock Lodge invite you to experience a real moment of relaxation with the person of your choice.
Between the gentle sound of the Roannay stream and the enchanting landscapes of Stoumont, you will not be disappointed !

Included in the offer :
  • Cheese fondue pack OR plancha pack OR barbecue pack (summer)
  • Bottle of wine (white, rosé, or red)
  • Aperitif board and bottle of crémant
  • Dessert

120€ for 2 people


Surprise your partner with our romantic formula.
As a couple, you will enjoy a suite with a private sauna and a whirlpool bath for some sweet moments together.

Included in the offer :
  • Nature pack of your choice
  • Bottle of champagne "Principauté de Liège" in your room
  • Love box
  • Late departure

160€ for 2 people

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